03 Apr

If you're looking for a family game console or best games console for 7 year old kids, there are many different options. A big change from a few years ago is the number of children's games available on all platforms. 

While first-person shooters receive most of the advertising costs, all platforms offer fun games for children ages six and up.

1.Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Go is the perfect choice for home and portable use. It comes with a very attractive Ultra HD screen, which is one of the largest in the industry. You can now offer your kids the best HD games. With Nintendo Go Switch, not only offline games are possible, but also online games.

2.Leapfrog Leap TV

Leapfrog Leap TV is the best in the business when it comes to superior parental controls on game consoles. It is a great teaching tool for children of all ages and is fun to learn. Children learn more about reading, math, science and many other interesting topics.

This console uses the concept of movement and movement to physically involve the child in what is being taught on the screen. Parents can choose from over 100 games and apps that are best suited for any child who wants to learn something new. The most notable feature of this game console is the body movement function. Allows children to dance, jump, jump, etc. With the pointer game, you can turn, turn and move like a frog! With classic controls, you can shake and tilt the controller for quick gameplay.

3.Xbox One X

The brand speaks for itself.The characters on this console seem real. 

The video resolution offered by Xbox One X is 40% higher than that of all other game consoles. Everything depends on its powerful custom 8-core AMD processor clocked at 2.3 GHz and equipped with a gigantic 12 GB GDDR5 RAM. Overall, it is an excellent game console for children and adults. this is also available on vigocart site.

4.VTech Inno TV

VTech Inno TV is an educational game system that stimulates learning. It is one of the most kid-friendly game consoles you can play on a simple TV. It comes with wireless controllers that make it very easy for children to use.

The console has 8 GB of expandable storage space up to 40 GB and also supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

There is also a Learning Lodge library, which consists of many educational games. VTech Inno TV has an internal power supply system. 

5.Sony PlayStation 3

 It was the first game console of its kind to integrate the game into social media. Sony's first social gaming service, PlayStation Network, started with PlayStation 3.

It has excellent technical properties and remains one of the best Sony products ever made. It's also available in slim and super-slim models, so you can take your PS3 game console with you wherever you go.

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